P1879-xxx Gas Calibration Kits

CONSPEC’s Calibration Gas Kit was designed to keep everything you required to calibrate your gas monitor and gas detector in one easy to carry case.

All gas monitors must be calibrated on a regular basis.

These kits contain everything essential for the quick and accurate calibration of CONSPEC and other type of gas monitors and gas detectors.

CONSPEC Controls Gas Monitors Series with EZ-CAL simplifies the calibration procedure by prompting the user to input ZERO and SPAN Reference Gases. The gas calibration monitor then makes any necessary adjustments automatically without opening the enclosure.


  • Built-in Carrying Handle
  • Shoulder Strap included
  • Disposable Cylinder of Zero Reference Gas
  • Disposable Cylinder of Span Reference Gas
  • Color Coded Plastic Tubing
  • Dimensions: 21" X 14" X 5"
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Rugged ABS Plastic Weatherproof Carrying Case
  • Two 0.5 LPM Flow Regulators with Pressure Gauges

Gas Kits Available

P1879- Zero Gas P1879-NH3 Ammonia
P1879-CO2 Carbon Dioxide P1879-CO Carbon Monoxide
P1879-CL2 Chlorine P1879-H2 Hydrogen
P1879-HCL Hydrogen Chloride P1879-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide
P1879-CH4 Methane P1879-NO Nitric Oxide
P1879-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide P1879-O2 Oxygen
P1879-C3H8 Propane P1879-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide
P1879-EtO Ethylene Oxide P1879-C4H8 Isobutylene
Other Gases Please Call If Not Listed  

Replacement Gas Cylinders

P1880- Zero Gas P1880-NH3 Ammonia
P1880-CO2 Carbon Dioxide P1880-CO Carbon Monoxide
P1880-CL2 Chlorine P1880-H2 Hydrogen
P1880-HCL Hydrogen Chloride P1880-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide
P1880-CH4 Methane P1880-NO Nitric Oxide
P1880-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide P1880-O2 Oxygen
P1880-C3H8 Propane P1880-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide
P1880-EtO Ethylene Oxide P1880-C4H8 Isobutylene

Options and Replacement Parts

P3013 Calibration Plug P3013-XP X/P Calibration Plug
P1882 0.5 LPM Regulator P1883 Carrying Case

Contact CONSPEC Controls for information on gas calibration kits for your application.

Gas Calibration Kit 

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