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CO monitoring and early fire detection from Conspec

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While many power plants across the country utilize coal-burning facilities, fires and explosions in these facilities are a concern. PLC Equipped Multi Channel System product shot With increasing liability insurance premiums in the coal-fired power and cogeneration industries, and a growing need to increase productivity in these power plants, it is more important than ever to employ preventive rather than reactive measures.

By minimizing the risk of fire or explosion in coal-handling facilities, power generation companies can enhance personnel safety as well as decrease downtime and loss of resources. In short, they can save money.

Conspec carbon monoxide (CO) monitors provide early fire detection.

All Conspec monitors can serve as complete, stand-alone equipment or can be integrated into preexisting PLC or SCADA networks. These monitors can be tied to a central computer, where alarming, trending, and historical storage will take place.

Once the system is set up, it is important to gather sufficient historical data to determine a baseline of normal CO concentration; this varies from one location to another. CX product shot After a baseline is set, audible and visual alarms will alert personnel to take action when there is an upward trend in CO concentration level.

The increased use of Powder River Basin (PRB) coal has presented special challenges in fire prevention at power plants. PRB coal has a lower BTU and higher moisture content, and produces more coal dust than regular bituminous coal. The PRB Users Group recommends CO detection for fire prevention in bag houses and silos.

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