0858r Rig Guard Monitoring and Communications System

Conspec partnered with Rockwell Automation through its Machine Builder Program to design and build this new gas monitoring system which utilizes Rockwell’s Allen Bradley PLC. The Rig Guard System is an innovative and unique solar-powered gas detection system for continuous monitoring of combustible and toxic gases at active drill sites. In addition to real-time readings of potential hazardous gas levels, the system also provides a wireless hotspot for the producer’s personnel or subcontractors to tie into, offering easy internet communications to accomplish everyday business activities.

The Rig Guard’s sensors will detect toxic gases such H4 and combustible gases such as H2S, thus providing an early indicator of a potentially hazardous condition in and around the site. Designed for ruggedness, reliability, transportability, and ease of implementation, the system offers an affordable solution to help protect field personnel and company investments.

The PLC transmits real-time values to a remote location miles away from the drilling site via satellite transmission. Conspec is working with Strata Safety Products, LLC, to provide installation, on-site training, and 24/7 field service. After teardown of the drilling operations, Strata will take the Rig Guards down and set them up at the next location.


Enclosure Type NEMA4X Aluminum Optional Power
Power Input Solar and Battery Audible Alarm 90db Piezo
Dimensions Operating Temp -4° to 140° F
Display Easy-to-Read 6” Panel View Touch-Screen LCD display Fuse
Response Time T90 to full scale Sensors CX Series IR Sensors


  • A Turnkey Solution for Combustible Gas Monitoring at Active Drilling Sites
  • Solar Power/Battery Combination
  • Local Alarming
  • Wireless Communication of Real-Time Readings
  • Wireless Radio Link
  • Complete Installation and Teardown Services for Redeployment
  • Eliminates Cabling And Need For Power In Remote Locations
  • Provides Safety for On-Site Personnel
  • Enables Monitoring for Hazardous Conditions from Virtually Anywhere
  • Conspec 24/7 Service


  • Active Shale Gas Drilling Sites
  • Active Gas Drilling Sites
  • Active Oil Drilling Sites


0858r - Rig Guard Monitoring and Communications System

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