Press Release: CONSPEC Controls Expands Blue Outstation Line: Rolls Out Long Range, Universal Protocol Module

CONTACT: Jeff Callihan, CONSPEC Controls

CONSPEC Controls has expanded its line of Blue Outstation modules with the addition of a long range, universal protocol, Blue Outstation, dubbed the Blue Out 911150.

Pittsburgh, PA - The new high-capacitance unit effectively doubles the operating range of the earlier Blue Outstation to up to 11,000 feet. With its power output increased from 150 to 500 milliamps, the new unit enables daisy chaining of up to four 90 milliamp methane monitors which, due to MSHA capacitance limitations previously required a separate Blue Outstation for each methane monitor.


While CONSPEC will continue to offer its lower power output Blue Outstation, the company expects the new higher current unit to be well received by the coal mining industry due to cost savings associated with reducing the number of outstations necessary in mine areas with multiple gas monitors.

In addition to its extended range and increased current capacity, the Blue Out 911150 offers universal communications compatibility with both CONSPEC’s proprietary software and the Modbus PLC protocol, making it compatible with virtually all existing automatic gas monitoring systems.

CONSPEC Controls is internationally recognized as a leader in the design, development and manufacture of gas detection instruments, monitoring and control systems. The company offers a wide array of products, ranging from fully integrated installations to stand-alone, independent devices. CONSPEC’s user-friendly devices are engineered to interface with both new and existing control equipment. Due to its long history in the mining industry, CONSPEC equipment is “coal grade,” that is, designed to work in the harshest environments. Combining state-of-the-art manufacturing and research, CONSPEC creates specialized instrumentation and equipment that meets individual customer applications and requirements.

For more details visit: http://www.conspec-controls.com/products/mining.asp

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