Press Release: CONSPEC Controls PLC-Equipped Multi Channel System Provides Ease of Integration


CONSPEC Controls is pleased to introduce the new CONSPEC Controls Allen Bradley PLC-Equipped Multi-Channel controller.

The sturdy design of the controller makes it ideal for coal-fired power plants for detection of CO and other combustible gases. Capable multi-point detection on a single power and communication line, it is preprogrammed and calibrated at the factory.

This unit can serve as an economical stand-alone or fully integrated controller. It is completely scalable for ease of integration and can be used as an independent local controller or be fed into any digital communication system.

Control options are nearly endless, thanks to the Allen Bradley Micrologix’s processing power. An optional six-inch panel view LCD touch-screen continuously displays real-time values of the measured parameters and provides navigation through the system’s screens. Audible and visual alarming can be easily achieved locally or remotely by the Micrologix six available relay outputs. The processor also features multiple inputs and ouputs for even greater flexibility. Security is enhanced by password protection.

Features include:

  • Ease of integration and installation
  • Multi-mode communication
  • LCD touch-screen display
  • Trending capabilities
  • Password protection for enhanced security
  • Complete scalability
  • Local or remote alarming capabilities
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Compatibility with all remote gas transmitters
  • Capable of “zoning” remote gas transmitters
  • Ethernet compatibility
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • CONSPEC’s full product service and support

CONSPEC Controls, Inc. has been a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of gas detection and monitoring equipment for nearly four decades. CONSPEC’s monitoring systems are proven in the harshest environments and are ideal for early fire detection in power plants. Their carbon monoxide monitors allow for reliable and accurate measurement of CO levels in critical locations such as reclaim tunnels, silos and bunkers. For more information, contact CONSPEC Controls at 1-800-487-8450 or www.conspec-controls.com.

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“After our plant was damaged after an accident, Conspec was able to over-night replacement detectors for us so our production line would not have to shut down.”

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