Conspec repair estimate policy

CONSPEC’s technical services department receives many requests for estimates on items sent in for repair. The nature of electronics makes it extremely difficult to give an accurate estimate until the repair is completed. A circuit board may look fine but have every integrated circuit internally damaged. Our technicians could spend hours determining the extent of the damage only to have the customer decline to proceed with the repair after getting an estimate. The volume of incoming repairs accompanied by requests for estimates makes this lost time economically unacceptable.

CONSPEC’s technical services department has calculated the average cost per item in lieu of estimates on individual repairs. These average prices are intended to assist with customer’s purchasing department requirements. Any customer requiring an estimate on each individual item will be billed for time spent generating the estimate.

  • Circuit Cards average $ 125.00 per unit.
  • Gas Monitors average $150.00 per unit (excluding sensors, see below).
  • Sensors, Toxic & O2 average $ 75.00 per unit. NOTE: The expected life of the electrochemical sensor is 2 years. If the sensor is labeled with a date over 2 years old it is B.E.R. (Beyond Economical Repair).
  • Sensors, LEL average $75.00 per unit. NOTE: The expected life of the catalytic-bead sensor is affected greatly by exposure to poisons or high levels of combustible gas. Sensors exhibiting extremely low gain are B.E.R.
  • B.E.R. (Beyond Economical Repair) items can be replaced with a new unit at list price or discarded for no charge. Refurbished items will be offered at reduced cost when available. Customers requiring the return of B.E.R. items will be charged CONSPEC’s standard per item repair rate to cover handling and packaging expenses.

Warranty claims CONSPEC Controls Inc. provides warranty service for one (1) year from the shipping date on all electronic and mechanical components. Sensor elements are considered a consumable part subject to varying conditions, which can affect their expected life. Damage to sensor elements due to overexposure of the target gas, poisoning, or other factors beyond CONSPEC’s control are not covered under warranty. Warranty service is limited to defects in materials and workmanship on units, which fail under normal use. CONSPEC will repair or replace any unit found to have failed due to defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty is voided if the unit has been misused, damaged due to incorrect wiring, or tampered with before return to the factory. Warranty claims that are denied will be billed at the standard rate. Expedited shipping is not covered under warranty.


“Conspec provided out-standing customer support from my initial inquiry throughout the life of the detector. My detector was installed and operating within minutes after its arrival.”

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