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Power Generation Industry - Combustible Gas Detection


The Power Generation Industry increasingly demands CONSPEC Controls equipment for the detection and monitoring of carbon monoxide, methane, and other toxic or combustible gases found in coal-burning plants, including those using Powder River Basin (PRB) coal. CONSPEC’s CO gas detection system can provide early warning of fire to increase personnel safety and decrease equipment downtime for greater productivity.

The increased use of (PRB) coal has presented special challenges in fire prevention at power plants. PRB coal’s lower BTU and higher moisture content produces more coal dust than regular bituminous coal. The PRB Users Group recommends carbon monoxide detection for fire prevention in bag houses and silos.

All CONSPEC gas detectors can serve as complete stand-alone equipment, or integrate with preexisting PLC or SCADA networks. These detectors can be tied to a central computer where alarming, trending, and historical storage will take place. After a baseline is set, audible and visual alarms will alert personnel to take action when an upward trend in CO concentration levels has been identified.

With increasing liability insurance premiums in the coal-fired power and cogeneration industries, and a growing need to increase productivity in these power plants, it is more important than ever to employ preventive measures.


CPM Transmitter

Optio XP

Multiple Transmitter Series
  • Reduced False Alarms
  • Eliminates the Need for Multiple Single-Point Detectors
  • Simple Sensor Replacement with No Need for Initial Calibration of Sensor
  • Easy Menu Navigation - Icon based
  • Industry Standard Communication Protocols for Easy Integration
  • Enhanced Alarming Capabilities
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CX Series Explosion-Proof Gas Detector

CX Series Explosion-Proof Gas Detector

  • Clear & Back-lit LCD Display
  • Long Sensor Life
  • Automatic Reset After Power Loss/Interruption
  • Temperature & Humidity Compensated
  • High Immunity to RFI &EMI

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Portable Gas Detection

Portable Gas Detection

  • 2 month battery life on a single charge
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 6 month calibration cycle
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Simple to use
  • 100% quality control testing
  • LEL sensor (IR) does not require oxygen
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IR Transit Heat Sensor

IR Transit Heat Sensor

  • Designed specifically for conveyor systems
  • Detection of ember and flame of high Temperature product.
  • Isolated Detectors for Maximum reliability.
  • Fault Monitored, with Test & Reset push Buttons
  • Field Programmable
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Linear Heat Detection Cable

LINESENSE Linear Heat Detection Cable

  • Continuous sensing along the total length of the element
  • Fixed alarm temperature
  • Unaffected by changes in ambient temperature
  • Compatible with switch monitoring units and conventional alarm panels
  • Suitable for use in Hazardous areas using safety barriers
  • Chemical & water resistant
  • FM Approved
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AUS1415 15 Channel PLC w/ LCD Touchscreen

AUS1415 15 Channel PLC w/ LCD Touchscreen

  • Economical Stand-Alone or Integrable Controller
  • Compatible with All Remote Gas Transmitters
  • Capable of “Zoning” Remote Gas Transmitters
  • Completely Scalable System
  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Applications
  • Full Product Service & Support
  • Automatic Reset when Alarm Condition Clears
  • Easy to read LCD display

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