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CONSPEC is recognized as a leader in gas detection and offers a range of flame detection and fixed/portable gas monitoring equipment serving a wide variety of industries. Below are several of the gas detection industries we are proud to serve.


Since 1968, our MSHA-approved gas detection system has been deployed into hazardous areas of underground coal mines. Our AMS (Atmospheric Monitoring System) not only provides continuous monitoring of toxic and combustible gases, but also enables the end-user to remotely monitor and control all other processes for underground mining operations. Monitoring and control capabilities are integrated into one seamless network.

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The Oil and Gas Industry relies on CONSPEC Controls for the monitoring of methane, hydrogen sulfide, and other gases in exploration, transmission, and refineries. Our equipment communicates remotely with personnel to enable safe and dependable monitoring of areas, such as: storage tanks in loading or unloading areas, compressor stations, and production facilities.

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Ventilation systems are a must for indoor spaces, such as: parking garages, factories, and bus terminals. However, fans operated around the clock lead to massive energy costs. To minimize heat loss in winter and to conserve energy used by the ventilation fan motors, CONSPEC’s ventilation fan controller product line can provide savings in energy costs upwards of 85 percent.

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The Power Generation Industry is increasingly demanding the detection and monitoring of carbon monoxide, methane, and other toxic or combustible gases found in coal-burning plants, including those using PRB (Powder River Basin) coal. CONSPEC’s CO gas detection system can provide early warning of fire to increase personnel safety and decrease downtime for greater productivity. Our carbon monoxide, methane, and flame detectors can serve as complete stand-alone equipment or can be integrated into a pre-existing PLC or SCADA network.



Across many industries, we can provide an array of gas detection equipment and systems for a wide variety of potentially harmful toxic and combustible gases. Our superior dynamic, versatile, and durable monitoring equipment is designed for use in some of the harshest environments.

CONSPEC can provide standalone equipment to fit your existing system or a complete customized monitoring and control system.

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