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Gas Detection System Company - About Conspec Controls

CONSPEC Controls is internationally recognized gas detection system company and is a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of gas detection instruments and control systems. Since 1968 Conspec has offered a complete array of products, ranging from fully integrated installations to stand-alone independent devices.

Our user-friendly devices are engineered to coexist and interface with both new and existing control equipment. We combine state-of-the art manufacturing with cutting-edge research to create specialized instrumentation and equipment that meets individual customer applications and requirements.

ISO Certified


Building on extensive employee training, standardization of operations, and continuous improvement, our entire staff seeks out innovative ways to enhance the quality of our products and services.

Every CONSPEC Controls customer enjoys a wide range of benefits, including:

Conspec Controls is committed to shipping quality products on time. We work closely with our customers and distributors to insure that when we make a promise to ship by a specific date, the order is actually shipped. We make every attempt to keep our customers informed when there is a delay.
We are proud of the record we have achieved over the many years of Conspec’s existence. Most routine orders ship within two to three weeks of receipt of order. We are frequently able to ship same week, sharply reducing our need to support our line through excessive (and expensive) on-hand inventory.
The advanced electronics in our instruments makes Conspec Controls not only the performance leader but also enables us to price our products below those of less sophisticated international competitors thus improving our product’s price/performance ratio.
Customer support materials include training manuals, applications notes, and colour literature. These are all available free-of-charge to our customers.
Conspec Controls is pleased to support our representatives through the use of demonstration instruments as necessary to insure the successful evaluation of our equipment by our end-user customers. Customers may also contact Conspec Controls directly with questions relating to the evaluation and purchase of our products.
Conspec Controls application engineers and sales personnel are available to help our customers determine which products represent the best choices, and to compare and contrast our design features and benefits with those of our competitors.
Conspec Controls is committed to promoting worker safety. We encourage not only the use of our own equipment, but also promote the proper selection and use of other safety related equipment and procedures through instructional seminars. These sessions are designed to inform, establish needs, and help our customers not only in their purchasing decisions relative to Conspec Controls, but towards their ability to develop an integrated approach to serious safety issues.

To support your needs, our facilities are strategically located in the USA, Canada, Australia and China.