Optio XP Gas Monitoring System

Optio XP Gas Monitoring System

Single/Multi-Gas Monitor

Reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple detectors

CONSPEC’s NEW industrial gas detector featuring MIR infrared sensor technology incorporates moisture protection/compensation and provides a solution for harsh environments where other monitors fail.

The Optio XP has been designed and tested to withstand impacts, vibration, and dramatic environmental changes making it both rugged and reliable. The 2.6” intuitive graphical LCD, when combined with our infrared remote and on-board buttons, allow for simple installation, calibration, and maintenance. The innovative Optio XP monitors up to (6) toxic and combustible sensor inputs* on one transmitter, which greatly reduces upfront costs by eliminating the need for multiple detectors.

* combination of IR, Catalytic Bead, and Electrochemical sensors



  • Reduced False Alarms
  • Eliminates the Need for Multiple Single-Point Detectors
  • Simple Sensor Replacement with No Need for Initial Calibration of Sensor
  • Easy Menu Navigation - Icon based
  • Industry Standard Communication Protocols for Easy Integration
  • Enhanced Alarming Capabilities


Input Power Options

  • 6 - 56V AC/DC
  • 100 - 240VAC 50/60Hz

Temperature & Humidity Range

  • -20 to +60°C, 0-95% RH non-condensing


  • 3 Plug-and-Play Electrochemical sensors
    • Factory preconfigured and calibrated
    • CO, O2, NO2, NO, H2S, and more
  • 3 NDIR sensors
    • CH4, CO2, and more
  • Catalytic Bead

IO Capabilities

  • 6 Digital input/output
  • 6 Relay Ports
  • 2 channels 4-20mA outputs

Communication Interfaces

  • RS485, CONSPEC Trunk, Wireless
  • Modbus RTU, Mesh Network

User Interface

  • IR remote control
  • 4 simple buttons


  • Local Menu Display
  • Modbus Register Map

Menu & Display

  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Password protected
  • Quick info screen shows device settings
  • Slide-show of real-time gas readings
  • Graphical LCD display
  • Dimmable RGB backlight
  • Backlight color indicates monitor status


  • 4 Custom Alarm Levels with hysteresis and hold times
  • Sensor Fail-High and Fail-Low
  • Ability to map any Digital or Relay output to alarm levels from different sensors using logical voting (AND/OR)

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