P1209 MSHA Cable

Conspec Controls P1209 MSHA cable is a 4-conductor power/data transmission cable approved for all mines located in the United States.

Intended for connectivity within your Atmospheric Monitoring System (AMS), P1209 is approved MSHA cable. This compact cable consists of power & data transmission lines all protected by a PVC waterproof jacket. 

P1209-TC Modbus Communication Cable

  • 2-12 AAWG Power Wires 24VDC
  • 2-18 AWG Communication Wires (Twisted Pair)
  • 2-Drain Wires

P1209 Heavy Duty Cable – four conductors, color-coded with shielding and stainless armor braid for use in harsh environments

  • 2-12 AWG Power Wires 24VDC
  • 2-18 AWG Communication Wires
  • 1-Drain Wire

P1210 - six conductors, color-coded with shielding and stainless armor braid for use in harsh environments when faster communication rates are required

  • 2-12 AWG Power wires 24 VDC
  • 4-18 AWG Communication wires
  • 1-Drain wire
P1209 MSHA Cable Datasheet P1210-cable.pdf
MSHA Cable Construction Sheet P1209-TC-DWG2014-027.pdf
P1209 MSHA Cable Specs P1209-Cable-specs.pdf

Physical Dimensions 

  • Maximum Outside Diameter: 0.5 inches (1.27 cm) 

Electrical Requirements 

  • Maximum Voltage: 30 V DC 

Operating Requirements 

  • Temperature: 0 to +140F (-18 to +60C) 

Conductor Color Code 

  • Brown: Receiving
  • Yellow: Transmitting
  • Orange: Common
  • Red: 24 V DC power

Cable Type 

Communication Lines - #18 AWG #18 AWG #18 AWG 

Power Lines - #14 AWG #12 AWG #12 AWG

Installing an underground supervisory system in your mine gives you more control over your operations, helping you cut costs and increase production. To do this however, the system has to be able to comnmunicate data accurately over long distances in a timely manner. 

Conspec's Senturion monitoring and control system 

gives you all of these benefits, and more, by using a simple communication medium known as the Accessor Trunk Cable. This compact, four wire cable running throughout the area that you want to control and monitor, is the only communication line you require. There is no need for the bulky amount of hard wiring that other systems employ. With the Senturion system the Accessors that you use to monitor and control your equipment or operations can be placed anywhere along the Accessor Trunk Cable. Since they are connected in parallel, only one trunk is needed to support a maximum of 128 Accessors, allowing you to communicate with up to 1,000 points. 

reconditions the signal, this Description distance can easily be doubled. By using three Expanders, Accessor Trunk Cable is communication can be comprised of four wires maintained for over six miles. protected by a waterproof PVC The great distances that can be jacket. Two lines are for data covered by a single trunk communication (transmitting without the aid of remote field and receiving) and two are for stations, translates into the most power (common and power). cost effective communication Available in three system on the market today. configurations, there is a cable 

suitable for any application. With the Accessor Trunk Cable, the Senturion monitoring The standard trunk cable and control system can keep you (P1207) is suitable for general in touch with your operations applications and power anywhere in your mine. After requirements. A heavy duty all, isn't that what a supervisroy version (P1208) is avialable for system is all about? 

higher electrical loads and a heavy duty, shielded cable (P1209) is available for use in areas that demand extra protection. 

The data transmitting and receiving lines in the Accessor Trunk Cable can carry a communication signal for up to 8,000 feet.

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