AUSID09/AUSID-RD Gas Detector Controller & Panels

The AUSID09 Natural Gas Leak Detection System replaces the Conspec P2260 8 Channel Controller and meets the requirements of NYCSCA Section 15596 for natural gas leak detection equipment in boiler rooms.

Conspec’s Natural Gas Leak Detection System can support up to 9 detectors making ideal for carbon monoxide and natural gas detection in boiler rooms. The gas detection controller panel communicates to remote gas detectors via. Modbus communications in a daisy-chained wiring configuration. The controller panel receives input from the gas leak detectors and provides alarming and process control functionality upon preset alarm levels. Setup and calibrations are made easy with the interactive touch screen on both the controller and custodian’s alarm panel. The optional AUSID09-RD Custodian’s Alarm Panel can integrate easily with the system to provide complete coverage and meet NYCSA specifications.

AUSID09-RD Datasheet AUSID09-RD-Datasheet.pdf
AUSID09 Cut Sheet AUS1415.pdf
AUSID09 Manual AUS1415-Manual.pdf
AUSID09 System Layout AUSID09-System-Layout.pdf
AUSID09 Terminal AUSID09-Terminal.pdf
  • Replaces P2260 8 Channel Controller, P2259/60 -RAU Custodian’s Alarm Panel
  • CN/CX Series Gas Detectors Replace Conspec P2263-XP Natural Gas Sensors
  • Easy-to use 7” Touchscreen Interface
  • Dry Relay Contacts for Alarm or Process Control
  • Alarm Indication LED and “Acknowledge” Push Button 
  • Training, Maintenance, and Commissioning Available

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