PRIMUS V - Ventilation Controller

Conspec’s NEW commercial gas detection controller was designed to provide a more efficient process when configurating your CO/NO2 detection system for enclosed parking garages and other spaces subject to toxic gases.

The Primus V comes equipped with BACnet capabilities and our Subcon software for seamless integration to a Building Automation System, with the ability to program through a networked PC or laptop directly connected to the controller. The Subcon software eliminates the need for countless button pushes and multiple screens by allowing user to program and view all connected devices on one screen.
  • Programming, logic testing and calibration through Subcon software application
  • Ability to remotely control the input/output for each Optio V monitor
  • Connect up to 96 unique devices through Modbus RTU
    • 3 channel buses
    • 32 monitors (Optio V) per channel
    • 6 sensors per monitor
    • 576 total sensors
  • 6 relay ports (5A @ 30Vdc), normally open / normally closed with failsafe option
  • 2 local 4-20mA outputs
  • 12 remote Modbus 4-20mA outputs
  • 1 local strobe & horn output port
  • Data logging records change in state
  • Ability to configure up to 12 unique zones per controller
  • BACnet communication, Modbus RTU, 4-20mA and Relay Outputs
  • Time stamped data logging of triggered events


PRIMUS V Datasheet

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