911154-1 CO/VC Parking Garage Carbon Monoxide Detector System

Conspec’s parking garage carbon monoxide detector system initiates exhaust fans and/or alarms when carbon monoxide levels become unsafe. Easy installation and setup make this detector the preferred choice for CO detection in enclosed parking areas.

CONSPEC's 911154-1 Ventilation Fan Controller is designated for enclosed parking areas where carbon monoxide gases must be continually ventilated or have a gas detection device installed. Before an unsafe level of carbon monoxide is reached, the detector will signal ventilation fans to cycle and operate until the atmosphere in the area has returned to normal. 

Multiple detectors can be installed and easily connected without the need for a central panel by a simple series connection of the controllers. LED indicator lights clearly show the status of the detector and a large LCD display continually shows the CO levels being monitored. In the event of a power loss or malfunction, the controller activates the ventilation system. 

Electricity and heating expenses can be dramatically reduced due to the ventilation fans operating only when needed as opposed to continuously running. Energy savings of up to 85% can be achieved and in most cases, the return on the cost of the system is realized in one year or less!

  1. With all sensors active and all sensors reading below the 25 ppm threshold, the VFD's will run the fans at minimum speed. VFD's will be programmed by others. The ventilation rate should be at least 0.15 cfm/ft2 when the garage is scheduled to be occupied.
  2. CO System will automatically detect contaminant levels and stage fans to insure provided acceptable contaminant levels are maintained.
  3. CO shall be monitored with at least one sensor per 5,000 ft2, with the sensor located in the highest expected concentration locations, with at least two sensors per proximity zone. System will be installed using engineered plan locations.
  4. CO concentration at all sensors is maintained 25 ppm at all times.
  5. CO sensors are:
    1. Certified by the manufacturer to be accurate within plus or minus 5% of measurement.
    2. Factory calibrated.
    3. Certified by the manufacturer to drift no more than 5% per year.
    4. Certified by the manufacturer to require calibration no more frequently than once a year.
    5. Self-check for sensor failure. Upon detection of a failure, the system shall engage the fans and signal sensor failure.
    6. F. Sensor will indicate when it has not been calibrated according to the manufacturer's and indicate as a failed sensor.
911154 COVC Cutsheet 911154_1_COVC_Cutsheet.pdf
911154-1 Manual 911154-1-Manual.pdf
Conspec CS Parking Download Conspec-CS-Parking.pdf

Carbon Monoxide CO

  • 5 Year Sensor Life
  • Self Diagnostic Testing
  • Onboard Relay Contacts
  • Onboard 80 db Alarm
  • Automated Reset After Power Loss
  • Bright LCD Display
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Enclosed Parking Garages
  • Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
  • Factories / Warehouses
  • Bus Terminals & Depots
  • Tunnels
  • Car Dealerships
  • Fire/Police Stations
  • Service Bays

P1879 Calibration Kit

P1880 Calibration Gases

911154-SN Replacement Sensor

911154-PS Power Supply

911118M Infrared Handheld Programmer

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