CS0352-MP Gas Sampling System

Conspec’s CS0352-MP carbon monoxide gas sampling system detects smoldering hot spots in your mill/pulverizer. The dual probe system allows for detection of elevated carbon monoxide levels in separate areas to provide an extra layer of protection against fire situations like “mill puffs”.

The Conspec dual probe gas sampling system identifies smoldering hot spots and helps to mitigate a fire situation. An industry standard 4-20mA analog output, relays, and/or ethernet communications can be easily connected to any existing PLC, DCS, or EMS system. Conspec’s sampling probes feature an auto blow-back function which clears any obstructions reducing costly maintenance and down time. The CS0352-MP also has a maintenance mode for the testing of internal components and deactivates pumps for spray down/deluge. Systems can be customized for your specific needs and Conspec offers commissioning upon final installation of the system.

  • Maintenance mode for testing of internal components
  • Low-Flow detect indicating probe may have obstructions
  • Auto blow-back for clearing prove of obstructions
  • Automatic reset after power loss/interruption
  • Pumps can be deactivated during spray and/or deluge
  • Industry standard outputs & signals

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