The CX0503-MIR(F) LEL detector is designed specifically for the Oil & Gas industry to detect methane (CH4) and other heavy hydrocarbons. Our engineers have integrated power protection and sensor drift protection with “Auto-Zero” functionality to prevent false alarms and costly “shut-ins”.

The CX0503-MIR LEL detector differentiates itself from other detectors by overcoming “induced electrical noise” and changes in humidity/temperature changes commonly found at Oil & Gas production facilities. Conspec’s Oil & Gas Industry LEL detector includes an analog 4-20mA output and three user-definable dry contact relays for FAULT, ALARM Level 1, and ALARM level 2.
Methane CH4

Heavy Hydrocarbon Gases
Electromagnetic Interference and Inductive Noise Suppression from Supply Power
NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infra-red) Sensing Technology
Longer Sensor Life = Lower Cost of Ownership
Low Power LED = Greater IR Stability
Auto-Zero Function = Sensor Accuracy During Humidity/Temperature Changes
Outputs: 4-20mA, Dry Contact Relays - Fault, Alarm 1, Alarm 2
Fail Safe Operation
Improved Sensor Stability and Accuracy
Longer Operational Sensor Life
Automatic Reset After Power Interruption
Clear LCD Display
Handheld IR Programmer for Setup and Calibration
Class I groups B, C, D Division 1, 2, Class II groups E, F, G Division 1,2, Class III Nema 4X Enclosure


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