Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHD)

The simple and proven technology of digital Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable, makes it a product of choice for difficult and challenging applications where other technologies struggle to work. With it's ease of installation and low maintenance it provides a cost effective solution where project expenditure requires to be kept at a minimum.

SafeCable digital linear heat detection (LHD) cable is a combination of advanced polymer and digital technologies that can detect heat anywhere along its entire length. SafeCable is also compatible with any listed addressable or conventional panel.

At the core of SafeCable is a twisted pair of extremely low resistance (.05 ohm/ft. [.164 ohms/m] of twisted cable) tri- metallic conductors, sheathed in new advanced thermal polymers. These polymers are chemically engineered to break down at specific fixed temperatures allowing the twisted conductors to make contact and initiate an alarm at the control panel without any calibration for changes in the ambient temperature. The distance locating option allows the control panel to identify and display the location, in feet or meters from the panel, where the heat source interacted with the detection cable.

The polymer used for the protective outer coating of SafeCable is chemically inert and UV protected. This allows for SafeCable to be used in an extremely wide variety of installations and hazards.
  • Up to 15,000 linear feet (3,048m) of SafeCable per zone
  • Approved for up to 35’ (10.7m) spacing
  • .05 ohms/ft (.164 ohms/m) resistance for twisted pair wire, lower than any other type of linear heat detection wire
  • Lower cost than other types of linear heat detection wire
  • Compatible with ALL Fire Alarm Control/Releasing Panels
  • Use with addressable contact monitor modules
  • Multiple alarm Temperatures:
    • 155°F(68°C), 172°F(78°C), 190°F(88°C), 220°F(105°C), 365oF(185oC), 455oF(235oC)
  • Single, Multiple and cross zoned Distance locating available
  • Can detect anywhere along the entire length of wire
  • Multiple alarm temperatures can be mixed on the same zone
  • Total zone length replacement unnecessary after alarm
  • Longer standard spool lengths means less splicing
  • Custom lengths available


SafeCable Datasheet
Linear Heat Installation Materials
DLMZ2 Cut Sheet
Junction and Termination Boxes
Test Switch Datasheet
Splice Kit Cut Sheet

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