Optris Xi 80 Thermal Imaging Camera

The newly developed optris Xi 80 thermal imaging camera combines the benefits of infrared cameras and infrared thermometers. A full 80x80 thermal image eliminates the hunt for the hot spot and tedious positioning required with single spot temperature sensors.

The integrated spot finder function will identify the hottest (or coldest) spot in the image and automatically communicate these measurements without an external PC.

A wide range of optics including the new 80° lens equips the Xi 80 to collect and analyze temperature information over a wide target area. The affordable pricing for this unit makes it a realistic alternative to replace existing spot temperature sensors or for OEM applications.

  • Industrial imager with 80 x 80 pixels for exact temperature measurement of –20 °C to 900 °C (–4 °F to 1652 °F)
  • Small sized rugged camera with motorized focus
  • Distance-to-spot-ratio up to 190:1 with sighting capabilities
  • Autonomous operation with automatic spot finder and direct analog output (Ideal for OEM use)
  • Optional stackable industrial process interface with up to 9 analog or alarm outputs
  • Extensive ready-to-use package for an attractive price – including versatile image processing software and connection cables. 

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