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CONSPEC values our relationships and works directly with our customers to provide and maintain their gas and flame detection equipment. Combining our knowledge & expertise with that of the customer, we work toward one common goal - safety and protection for all personnel and equipment.

Our engineering and automation departments have designed custom detection systems across many industries for countless applications, while our technical service team provides support during and after installation. We take pride in our ability to offer personalized service that includes 24/7 technical assistance, field service, and in-house repair. Whether it is designing a newly custom gas detection system, or replacing a sensor, CONSPEC is committed to providing personal and outstanding service to each of our customers.

Custom Designed Systems

Since our establishment, CONSPEC has designed and commissioned custom gas detection solutions based on customers’ specific needs. Our sales, automation, and engineering teams have integrated gas detection with specialized controllers performing functions such as:

  • Multi-Channel Gas Detection
  • Sample Draw
  • Process Control
  • Data Collection & Logging
  • Area Zoning
  • Multiple Alarm Annunciation Options
  • Multiple Alarm Levels
  • Remote Communication & Controls
  • Custom Power Solutions

The CONSPEC Systems Design Team can…

  • Visit your location to conduct a facility walk-through
  • Offer support on best practices for installation
  • Commission your system to ensure optimum safety and functionality

Project Commissioning

Regardless of size or complexity, CONSPEC can provide highly trained personnel to commission our equipment assuring operability in terms of performance, reliability, and safety. Our skilled technicians conduct visual, mechanical, and electrical inspection to verify the infrastructure complies with the design intent and all components are functioning properly. CONSPEC also offers training for maintaining the equipment, which guarantees a safe and orderly handover of the newly installed system.

Why have your system commissioned…

  • The opportunity to fine tune the system
  • Review of the system’s performance
  • Train operators on equipment functions and procedures, including maintenance processes
  • Commission Reports and Documentation

In-House Repair

CONSPEC understands the harsh & challenging environments in which our gas, heat, and flame detection systems may be installed. We also understand equipment stoppages and downtime can be costly. For these reasons, our In-House Repair Department can troubleshoot, repair, and return your equipment in minimal time to get you back up and running (within 24hrs in many cases). Our Service Departments will support your equipment and add another layer of security not provided by other manufacturers.

Benefits of CONSPEC In-House Repair…

  • Strategically placed repair facilities located across the United States of America
  • Personalized service and interaction with CONSPEC Repair Technicians
  • Quick turnaround time
  • 24/7 Technical Assistance via phone/email
  • Valuable feedback given from experts in flame & gas detection applications

Field Services

Our Field Service Technicians provide on-location customer support for troubleshooting and maintenance of all CONSPEC products. CONSPEC’s highly trained experts have serviced our equipment in a variety of applications and can determine the proper solutions, offer recommendations, and repair equipment using factory parts. Field Service is typically available within a few days of request, with some location restrictions.

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