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Hazardous locations along the natural gas pipeline should be monitored with a gas leak detection system for personal safety and asset risk mitigation. Locations such as gas production units (GPUs), compressor stations, separator buildings, and LACT buildings are often monitored for potentially dangerous conditions. False alarms caused by external factors that are not related to gas leaks are a major concern and can “shut in” the site causing production to be halted. Conspec Controls has developed gas leak detection equipment with the intention of improving productivity by reducing false alarms. We can accomplish this by utilizing several technologies such as low-power infrared sensor technology, temperature/moisture compensation, and power stabilization. The low-power IR gas leak sensor provides advantages such as longer life, greater stability, and an auto-zero null point function. These infrared sensors are known to be susceptible to sensor drift due to changes in humidity and temperature. Conspec’s temperature and moisture compensation automatically return the sensor to it’s original zero/null point while maintaining sensor accuracy. We have been able to overcome challenges with voltage spikes, brown-outs, and electromagnetic interference commonly found in these environments by engineering common mode choke circuitry into the design. Our CX0503-MIR gas leak detector is site tested and is effective in protecting the gas monitor from momentary voltage spikes up to and exceeding 1000 volts. Please download our free whitepaper for more on how Conspec can help to reduce your false alarms and increase productivity.

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